Commercial Mulch Services

With over 15 combined years experience in commercial mulch installation, we have installed mulch to the tops of four-story buildings, berms, trees, shrubs, swales, homes and many difficult to reach places all over South Florida. Our clients include HOA and Apartment Complexes, Strip Centers, Commercial and Industrial Properties, Schools and Playgrounds.

Blown Mulch

Our trucks have the latest technology offered today. All are computer-controlled to deliver just the right amount of mulch in the right places. Using trucks to blow mulch produces a neat, efficient job that is cost effective and improves the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

Advantages of Blown Mulch:
• Large quantities of mulch can be applied in a relatively short time
• More consistent in depth and material
• Can easily cover hard to reach areas
• Cost-effective and efficient
• No bags to collect after application
• Better adhesion to the beds, with less wash away
• More vibrant color than bag mulch
• All natural products


Bagged colored Mulch

We cater to our communities that prefer bagged mulch for hard to reach areas and smaller infrastructures. Our bagged mulch is the same great all natural product we use for blown mulch, and we specialize in applications that demand delicacy around buildings and plant beds.

Eight Reasons for mulching soil

Our Customer Service Department makes sure your job is started and completed on schedule, and that you are 100% satisfied. Whether you need 100 or 1,000 yards of mulch, give us a call and see for yourself the kind of service you will receive from East Coast Mulch.

Eight best reasons for mulching soil around plants, shrubs and trees :

  • Mulch conserves soil moisture and reduces the need for irrigation
  • Mulch aids in the suppression of weeds.
  • Organic mulch breaks down improving nutrient content
  • Moderates soil temperature, protects the root from excessive heat and cold
  • When organic mulches decompose, it tends to lower the soil Ph Level
  • Mulch improves the aesthetic appeal of the landscape
  • Mulch reduces the Leaching of fertilizer out of the soil
  • Colored mulch aids in the growth of the foliage on many plants